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Food Insecurity Efforts

Food insecurity on campus is a quiet battle, and Seawolf Dining proudly assists on-campus organizations in fighting hunger on campus. A study done in 2019 showed that food insecurity in Anchorage is roughly 12%. According to the UAA Seawolf Food Pantry, managed by the Dietetics and Nutrition faculty, nearly 45% of students experience some food scarcity.  

Seawolf Dining Efforts

In 2008 USUAA and Seawolf Dining partnered up and created the Community Thanksgiving Meal, otherwise known as the Fall Feast Event. This event was held at Creekside Eatery until 2019 before the worldwide pandemic. This year the Fall Feast was held the Tuesday before the Thanksgiving holiday and served approximately 200 community members. 


In 2017 Varsity Sports Grill partnered with the Food Bank of Alaska and donated 10% of one night’s revenue to the Food Bank of Alaska. This event was known as Dine Out Against Hunger. 

In 2019 Seawolf Dinging launched the Swipe Away Hunger campaign. This opportunity allowed students with unused meal swipes to donate them to fellow students experiencing food insecurity. The swipes were provided to the  UAA Student Health and Counseling Center to distribute the free meals. This program was paused through the pandemic and reinstated in 2022. 

Before the pandemic, Seawolf Dining would provide free soup each Wednesday for free distribution at the Health and Counseling center. It also contributed grab-and-go items regularly for distribution. 

Throughout the years, Seawolf Dining has hosted food drives for the school pantry. In 2022, Seawolf dining hosted a food drive with locations at Kaladi Brothers Coffee next to the Consortium Library and at Bear Necessities in the Gorsuch Commons. In exchange for a complimentary 16 oz coffee beverage, students and staff helped overflow the food bins with their donations. 


Annually, Seawolf Dining teams up with UAA's Health and Counseling Center and donates free soup and rolls to hand out at Rasmussen Hall during finals week.

One major way Seawolf Dining and Catering support hunger issues on campus is a financial donation, up to $10,000, is made each year from catering revenues to support hunger on campus.

Seawolf Dining's efforts to fight hunger on campus continue as new needs, and opportunities are available.

Please visit the housing desk if you have extra meal swipes that you'd like to donate before they expire. Please see the UAA Student Health and Counseling Center to donate or find food resources. 

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