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Seawolf Dining Welcomes Exec Chef

Seawolf Dining is excited to introduce its long-awaited executive chef, Mark Maccherola. Mark began his career as a young adult in the airline industry and, at 34 years old, decided to switch careers and enroll in the Scottsdale Culinary School. Since making the change, he says he’s enjoyed every minute of his culinary career.

While in Arizona, he worked under notable chefs such as Chef Jon Hill, the first American-born executive chef who served briefly at the White House during the Regan era and Chef Kevin Binkley, a seven-time James Beard Nominee. Mark also has teaching experience in higher education and spent years as the lead instructor at the Arizona Culinary Institute.

After thirty years in Phoenix, he accepted an Executive Chef position with Pursuit, a corporate food service provider for hotels, clubs and venues in Glacier National Park and Canada.

Two months ago, Mark moved to Alaska and joined the Seawolf Dining team and has been going non-stop with all of UAA’s catering, resident dining, and special events at the Alaska Airlines Center. He is excited to be in Alaska and says the weather reminds him much of his time in Montana. He’s eager to get outdoors and pick up some of his favorite activities – hiking, trail running and fishing. He’s even a two-time Iron Man Triathlete. He says his favorite things in life are his kids and teaching culinary arts.

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