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Delgga is the Dena'ina word for raven. This fully renovated coffee shop is designed to honor the ancestral lands of the Dena'ina, Athna Dene, Alutiiq/Sugpaiq, Chugachmiu, and Eyak peoples. Café Delgga offers UAA campus a west-side location for KBC Coffee and Seawolf Marketplace grab-and-go snacks and hot soups. Located in Lucy Cuddy Hall. 


Seawolf Dining consulted with teams from the Alaska Native Studies and Chief Aaron Leggett, the Senior Curator of Alaska History and Indigenous Cultures for the Anchorage Museum, while exploring the concept of this new space. We want to thank Donita Slawson for her help with naming the cafe. 

Lucy Cuddy Hall - 3400 Seawolf Drive

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